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Chicago Escort Talia Price

moment in the lifespan of the professional escort that is completely foreign to civilians is the concept of the rebrand. Time is not linear for our kind. We can at any moment decide to reveal or hide our face, erase our twitter feed, get a boob job, and change our name like nothing ever happened. The rebrand is the sex worker equivalent of cutting your own bangs.

While some providers rebrand to distance themselves from a self they’ve outgrown, Talia Price is an exercise in expansion and a return to form. “I’m refinding myself in a sense” she says “I am Mona (her original incarnation) absolutely, just Mona in a more refined way. Someone I can age with. I’m getting back to a place where I can say what’s on my mind.”

It is next to impossible to not fall in the trap of comparison and then edit yourself in an attempt to fit in, even for someone as statuesque and naturally lovely as Talia. Going broad might seem like the best way to cash in, but ultimately doesn’t reap the ideal harvest. “I was way more vocal about my interests…[I wrote] so uniquely on my About page that the guys were tailored specifically to me!” We are constantly instructing (and re-instructing) our potential suitors to do their homework and we’re not doing this for our health. Talia recalls an early date in her career that she still ranks highly. “It was one of, to this day, like, the most special date I have ever been on and it was because he actually read my website!” We want to find the right Mister in the same way you want to find the right gal.

With the industry shifting to online, we’re seeing appetites changing. Men no longer want a fantasy. They want a full-on crush. “They tell me ‘Honestly, hot pictures are great but we want to see who’s behind taking them.’ They want to see me at Starbucks! Me eating a muffin! Me buying a screw! They want to see who’s behind the pussy!” No one wants an untouchable supermodel, they want the cute girl they saw in the screw aisle.

So who is the girl blessed with the infamously celebrated bush? First of all, I want to compliment her on being a fabulous conversationalist and skilled listener, both of which are harder than they look. She is a secret Sci-fi nerd still heartbroken over the cancellation of Firefly. She is a jazz lover who gets lost in Ellington, Coltrane, and Chet “Panty Dropper” Baker. She is an alpha female looking for someone who can keep up. She’s a screenwriter, photographer, and a Scorpio*. A true modern renaissance woman. Talia is ready to define and discover. “I’m just a curious, curious person” she laughs, “I’m essentially a conundrum!”

*Talia’s birthday is this month (November)! To help her celebrate, I’ve linked her wishlist above in the sidebar!
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I’m a lucky girl. I get to surround myself with some of the brightest, most sparkling women this industry has to offer. I’m proud to call many of them my close friends. All I want to do is sing their praises from every rooftop for how much they continuously inspire and motivate me. This section of my blog is the closest version of me doing that without having to risk scaling any buildings.

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