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don’t ask for much. I’m simple girl. I enjoy life’s uncomplicated pleasures, like wrapping myself in my coziest sweater with a sweetie and spending the evening stargazing.

But there are only so many times I can point out Orion’s Belt before I need a better view. Simplicity be damned, fuck it, baby, lets go to Mars!

Commercial space tourism may be a reality sooner than originally anticipated. Billionaires have taken over the space race in modern times and are scurrying to make it available to the public. Elon Musk, noted billionaire who smoked weed that one time and possibly created the Starchild with Canadian anime princess Grimes, heads SpaceX. SpaceX’s ultimate goal is to establish colonies on Mars. Musk believes humans can make first contact with the red planet’s surface by 2025-2027. Before civilization make the big off-world move, they are hoping to replace traditional flights by having their craft exit the earth’s atmosphere for a few minutes only to reenter on another side of the planet. For example, this will theoretically make a flight from New York City to Tokyo total 37 minutes. The ultimate Fly Me to You!

In late 2021, SpaceX will be taking three civilians on a 10 day trip to the international space station on the Falcon 9. But you have to act fast because one guy already snapped up a spot. That means there is just enough room for you and me. Just think about it: us snuggled up in a tin can hurling towards the infinite vacuum with some random billionaire nerd off to the side…Sounds dreamy!

But even better! If you are willing to cover the $55million ticket price + the cost of my uber to the launch site, I will be a doll and forgo my hourly rate just this once.

You can book our reservation right here. Thanks.

Gotta shoot my shoot, right?
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