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Chicago Escort Duos Friends Josie Qu

hen I envisioned doing this interview over the winter, I imagined myself and my willing victim sitting across from each other in a cute cafe. (Perhaps The Hoxton?) I would have my two phones out recording our chat like a good girl reporter while I prod my friend’s brain. I’m sure future features will play out like my fantasy, but for now I’m on my bed in a Zoom call. The bed sheet has rolled up on the corner, not exactly the mimosas and girl talk I was hoping for, but whatever, it’s quarantine, I’ll fix it later.

I met Josie Qu in 2016 in the most appropriate way: surrounded by food and well dressed women. A touring lady wanted to meet all of the Chicago girls so she invited us all to brunch at Soho House. We were seated at a long table with girls giggling and texting their clients to purchase our group champagne bottles remotely. It was a moment.

I don’t remember if Josie was still in her Silver Pixie Cut Era or not at this point, but her web presence was so unique and memorable. We were seated originally on opposite sides, but I knew I had to (awkwardly) come over and say hi. She was quiet but I already knew she was cool.
I was correct.

When you think Josie Qu, you immediately think food and fashion. A sensual maximalist on the grandest scale. This is evident in her internet presence. The queen of colorful berets, loud fruit patterns, ornate belts, and somehow being able to pull off a massive, neon orange, full length puffer coat. In fact, she recently hosted a workshop on how to carve out an identity through fashion and styling in your online content. “You could do this gingham outfit, of course you could pair it with fruit, but you could also pair it with a colored butt plug!” she suggests as if it was obvious to the unwashed unaesthetic among us. This is the style sensibility we need in 2020.

A lot has changed a lot recently. Our industry swapped physical touch for Virtual Dates and paywalls. For most in-person providers, this was a swift and sudden lifestyle shock. We all flocked to OnlyFans, (OF for short on the more discriminating social media platforms). We go where the traffic is and that’s where to find it right now, whether we are protected by their Terms of Service or not. Josie was well ahead of the curve. She started her OnlyFans 6 months prior to the influx and has been killing it ever since.

As in-person providers, we’ve lately had to alter our usual tricks to attract the digital crowd. The online audience seems to want bigger, brighter, and more smiley. It’s definitely an adjustment, but Josie accepts the challenge: “I get to be more fantastical…a bigger version of myself in a way.” A few years ago, we did a double with a unique role play. A regular of mine suggested she be a seductive real estate agent. I’m used to requests that are more off the beaten path, but I was a little concerned this might be too foreign to her. Absolutely not, she wasn’t phased. Role play comes very naturally to Josie. Creating content gives her a new medium to play with to express that side of herself. “Performing is a thing I enjoy, there’s a thing that is not limiting and you can’t tap into other aspects of yourself.” Straddling the line between two demographics is never easy. Josie has successfully managed to translate her artistic visual styling into a commercial presentation that remains recognizably Qu.

Food and sex go hand in hand. It’s all about the senses and the emotions they illicit. “I am Chicago’s answer to Nigella Lawson and Julia Child!” A bold declaration made accurate by her recent project EpiQUrious, Josie’s weekly naked cooking show hosted on her OnlyFans. I’d recommend subscribing byway of the brilliantly titled domain Her audience is comprised of genuine food lovers. They ask questions on technique, vote on recipes weekly, and of course tip to make her spank herself on camera. “Its been a fun aspect of getting to know people who subscribe…and it’s refreshing to explain it to people, it forces me to read more about food science and try to break it down for them.”

If I had to give you a cheatsheet to Josie’s heart, it’d be “smoky flavors! bright flavors! delicate flavors! I like the excitement of spice and sharing that.” “If someone would bring home a slab of fatty tuna, I’d be like…we’re banging. That would really seal the deal. That and fried chicken. Good fried chicken. It’s about the high and the low.” She respects and is attracted to an adventurous palate. An instant turn off? “Limp salad.”

While dining can be linked with class status and poise, the actual act of eating is much more grotesque and undignified but highly pleasurable. When you eat with someone, you’re performing an essential bodily function right in front of them. You’re stuffing something beautiful and desirable into an orifice that instantly self-lubricates at the scent of food then mashing it down before taking it in deeper. Its kinda gross honestly if you think about it. We all do it, think about it, and want it all the time despite how animal it is. And it is so, so good.
Just like sex.

As a self-identified ‘Fake Foodie’, I get that element, but Josie opened my eyes to an entirely different side of the process I hadn’t considered: the sexiness of cooking together.“It’s intimate to create a flavor together…Its something that requires more honestly than you’d think”. When you cook with a lover, you have to collaborate on what both of your bodies will experience that evening. Your communication about flavors directs the mood. “If we go out for dinner, I don’t have to eat what you eat” she explains. At a restaurant, you can be seated right next to someone eating different meals and still have the same night out. If you’re DIYing it, you have to be vocal about your preferences or risk spoiling the vibe. Whenever I have a new partner, rather than asking “what are you into?”, I ask “How do you want to feel? What kind of headspace do you want to enter together? Where can I take you?” Josie is asking those same questions but applying it to flavor and mouth feel.

There’s something about “…being physically so close in the kitchen that’s a turn on for me.” We live in the city. Kitchens are small. If you’re having a cooking date, this leads to a lot of brushing up against each other, reaching over each other, and very welcome but completely unsanitary fluid bonding. Good chefs always taste their food to make sure the spice is right while they cook. Tasting off the same spoon as your date is a subtle but erotic form of flirtatious spit swapping. Especially when its by command. Being spoonfed by someone who says “Open your mouth and taste this…its a top 10 sexual moment!” she says. And I agree. You could easily take that exact sentence and apply it to making your partner taste themselves off of your fingers when you present them to their mouth. Licking the spoon is making out by proxy.

But if cooking is foreplay, what’s the main event? Josie believes its all about the anticipation it creates. At the end of an intimate dinner, warm with wine, there’s always a moment of tension where both parties think “Ok, but what’s next..?” We know exactly what is next. Being invited for a one-on-one meal has always been just an elaborate excuse to move to the bedroom, the couch, or even the dining table itself.

This lady has truly mastered the dance.
Chicago Escort GFE Josie Qu
Chicago Escort GFE Josie Qu
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