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originally built this website to be something of a food blog. I love thoughtful interior design and the art of executing a perfect date. I love going out in the city and wanted to let you be a fly on the wall of all our champagne sipping. I will never be a legitimate foodie, but I like to joke that “I deal in the curation of vibes”.

I wrote full reviews of several places in opening months of 2020, but now with the events of Covid-19, its seems a little silly. But you know what? I am a little silly! We may not be able to go visit these spots right now, but lets give ourselves something to look forward to.

The Hoxton technically has three restaurants in its hotel. I’m going to be focusing on the ground floor’s Cira. Cira is essentially the Mos Eisley cantina for Chicago’s fashionable. It is nauseatingly trendy, which I enjoy critiquing, but ultimately am not above. Who am I kidding? I love that kind of thing! Initially, its almost hard not the second guess your outfit upon entering, but fortunately on my first visit, I made sure to accessorize with the most fashionable pair I know: the cutting-edge Miss Josie Qu and the traffic-stopping Miss Nina Sumac. I’m a smart girl, I think ahead.

Once you work past the grandeur of the visuals and finally get a look at the menu, you’ll find something quite friendly. A menu of small plates for close sharing with a full cafe if you need your caffeine fix. On this outing, I enjoyed perfectly briny olives with my IPA while sneaking sips from my friends’ prosecco and cocktails. That’s what besties are for, correct?

At this point, I’ve only indulged under the context of afternoon or evening drinks with the girls, but I prefer to think of this space as The Hoxton’s high concept, midcentuary modern cafe on steroids. Give me an excuse to sample their espressos and Turkish breakfast! I really am a type-A morning person after all and the promise of brunch will always summon me.
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